About Sharon

I'd like to formally welcome you to Sharon Thomas Collective! 

While you are here, I'd like to introduce you to Sharon Thomas. 

Sharon is a wife, mother, sister, friend and healing practitioner rockstar! The road to the present was long and twisty. Like many before her, Sharon lost herself. The shell of a former version of herself. After years of disconnect, depression and moving through the motions, she wanted to find herself. On her journey to joy, she turned to self help and energetic healing. She started studying Reiki to help herself feel better emotionally and physically. Constantly in a state of worry state about everything in her life and the lives of those she cares about, feeling no joy. Sharon continued her studies to become a Reiki master so she could help other people feel a balance in their lives. After years of personal coaching and successful healing, she became a certified Emotion Code Practitioner. She was amazed at how quickly she felt better from emotional, physical and spiritual issues in her life. She wanted other people to feel joy and peace too. Sharon now utilizes a blended service technique in her healing sessions. Incorporating years of education and training programs, to facilitate optimal well being on every level. 

Let her help find your Solution on your journey to Joy!